Accessories for the Woman that Lives a Juicy Life

Are you looking for the right earrings and necklace that will complement the outfit you picked out for an upcoming event?
Are you packing your bags for your trip to the islands and you need jewelry that’ll be just right for your wardrobe?
Are you hanging out with some friends for the day and need something stylish to go with your jeans?

I’m Shimoda and I design jewelry and art for the woman who celebrates passion and joy in their life. You need jewelry that radiates your unique beauty. Jewelry that makes you feel confident and peaceful.

When you radiate your inner beauty, you want your surroundings to reflex that also. That’s why I also create art for your home. Art that’s captivating and connects you to your soul.

 My purpose is to use my creativity & joy to inspire you to freely express yourself by beatifying your body and home temple with art. 

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